Drone, Robotic and Artificial Intelligence(Ai)

  • We are capable in designing and supplying customized drones, autonomous and swarm drones for various industries such as higher education, water, irrigation, agriculture, oil &gas and defense.
  • We started to set up Unmanned Aerial System Technology centre UASTC from 2017 and signed MOU with NF in January 2019 in order to have a proper R&D and drones assembly and R&D centre. Gopeng Industrial Park was the chosen location due to the open area nearby for Drone testing.
  • We are also proposing swarm drones and VTOL for defense applications and can be customized for surveillance, emergency aid or weaponized.
drone, robotic artificial intelligence

Drones, Robotics and AI

Swarm Drones

means multiple drones being used at once; the drones communicate and collaborate, making collective decisions about where to go and what to do

Autonomous drones

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that operate using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered navigation and operational software, and do not require a human pilot


UniversityOil & GasDefenseJPS & MAFI




Industrial &

Commercial concept model

Develop new invention

Surveillance of high / tall equipment such as Boilers, Cooling Tower

Monitoring of Gas/Oil Pipeline in remote areas

Suicide drone

Weaponized drone

HD Cam Surveillance drone

Thermal cam drone

Surveillance of Water control Gate and Pump house area

Monitoring of river / canal /drainage

Spray of pesticide and/or fertilizer